Seven Ways to Boost Employee Morale


Do your employees drag themselves into work? Is office laughter a vague memory? Your employees’ morale may need a boost.

After all, low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity and increased turnover — and ultimately hinder a business from reaching its goals.

Since employee morale can quickly build or break a company’s success, effective leaders often keep a close eye on it and enlist simple and creative approaches to strengthen it. Here a few tactics to think about adapting for your business:

1. Keep employees feeling their work is more than just a job.
Everyone wants to feel that his or her work has a higher purpose. Sometimes, though, that purpose gets lost in the day-to-day grind. One of the key ways is  show them the value of their work. Circulated by email, the real-life stories come from grateful job seekers who recently landed a new job through the company’s website.

2. Take time to creatively celebrate accomplishments.
It’s natural to focus on what’s ahead rather than reflect on how much has been achieved. Taking time to reflect, though, helps employees appreciate how much they have done.

3. Grant time off to employees to pursue projects they are passionate about.
Personal projects can provide an energizing break from regular responsibilities and can serve as a source of innovation for a company.  All  employees can work on anything that excites them — as long as it is somewhat related to  products or processes, can be completed in the allotted time, and is fun. Then a each participants show off the results of their projects. From these ideas,  adopt more than a dozen projects, ranging from product upgrades to process improvements.

4. Mix up the company’s usual way of doing things.
Departing from the customary routine of meetings and cubicle life can go a long way toward building morale.  These should be regular get-togethers and shape the contours of meetings. For example, during an all-employee meeting day,  each group come up with new ideas.

5. Don’t forget to have fun.
Have fun with playing games , curricular activities, going out of the place. All employee should have monthly play day. The company should offer quarterly “fun” rewards when staffers achieve certain goals, such as hockey games, casino nights, or play days at at amusement parks. Team building should be make possible.

6. Train employees to develop positive attitudes.
The company should train the employees to boost morale by setting up some classes and watching some videos and discussing videos with inspiring themes.

7. Offer time away from the office to do some good.
Another way to build employee morale and camaraderie is through community service. Departments should take on volunteer projects as a group.

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