Need of website for a business in India!!


Every time we approach a small business , crazy question we hear is !! “ do you think we need a website?? Our business is very small, we have only two employees and our product don’t worth selling online!!!

We have answered many such small business owners and convinced them to get their website done, now they are happy having their own business website. We are trying to answer thousand such business owners who are in the dilemma of having their website through this post.

Before we answer this question, just go through the fallowing facts about internet users.

  1. With more and more access of web through mobile, internet users in India has show the phenomenal growth of 28% last year. The internet user base is expected to reach 243 million by Aug 2014, from 190 million in year 2013. It was 150 million in the year 2012.
  2. E commerce market stood at Rs 47,349 Cr by the end of 2012 , was increased to 62,967 Cr by the end of 2013,  it is expected to reach 103,458 by end of 2014.
  3. 33% of people in metropolitan cities relay on internet for their basic needs.


By seeing these figures only any business man can see the growth of internet in India, only a true business man can imagine his business growth with these growing figures of internet users. The time where the website for a business was luxury or standards is gone, now website for any business is very basic necessity which is as important as selecting your business name. Because thousands of people are searching for service provider on internet, if you are not on internet then there is no chance getting even a single customer out of this thousand. You may be least bothered about this thousand online customers over your present offline customers at this moment, but things are changing around so quickly, your own customer might be browsing internet now, To find a better offer !! . Every day thousands of new people are getting addicted to internet.

If you really concern about your business growth, Now your might be thinking about the cost of setting up your own website??  Cool!! It is as cheap as buying a new chair and table for your office, lesser than publish your banner add at some circles. There are thousands of web design companies offering a web designs at affordable price.

“ so now what are you waiting for?? Its never so late, set up your business website today and get prepared for future market.” Fallow these simple steps to get your website done.

Steps to create your own business website.

  1. Select a domain name for your business ( e.g :  and book your domain from any of the web domain company or consider some good web design company to do it for you.
  2. Purchase hosting service from any of the web hosting company or consider some good company to do it for you.
  3. Design a good looking and informative website for your business or consider some good web design company or web designer to do it for you.
  4. Create social accounts , custom emails and attach it to your website , which will help you to keep in touch with customers  or consider some good web design company to do it for you
  5. Host your website and print your business web address on your business cards, products , banners , posters etc. To get more customers flow to the website.
  6. Creating the beautiful website isn’t enough to get visibility in search engines like google , yahoo , bing etc. For this you must consider SEO (search engine optimization) for your business website. Learn how to do SEO for your website and fallow it to get good online visibility or consider some good SEO company to do it for you.
  7. Increase your social presence , do regular activities on socials accounts like Facebook, Goolge+ , LinkedIn etc  to get connected to your customers , keep yourself very active on social media to drive more customers or consider SMM company to do it for you.



“Your customers are online, where are you??”


Hope this article will help you in getting your business to next level. Stay connected with us for more articles.


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