10 ways to increase your website traffic


web traffic

web traffic

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have in your arsenal. If you can get people onto your website, you have a lot of flexibility in how you handle your marketing funnel, ultimately converting them into a lead. Here are a few tips for increasing web traffic.


guest blog

guest blog

Guest Blog 

Your product has a limited audience, so find a blog that caters to that same audience and get in touch with the editors. If you can post a piece of relevant content on the blog, you’ll be able to include a link back to your website and reach a large audience that has a high chance of being receptive to what you are offering. 




Interact with Communities 

Interact with the communities well where your product are relevant and embed yourself there. These can be online or offline (forums, blogs, clubs, classes). When a good opportunity comes to promote your product, invite other community members to visit your website.

content sharing

content sharing

Sharing content

A lot of the stuff in this list revolves around making content more shareable and then find it interesting enough to share it with their friends, continuing a cycle of sharing. Usually this happens through social media, and it will be your task to initially share content through those channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) 


Free Stuff 

Set up a temporary promotional campaign in which you give visitors free trials, eBooks, or other freebies. People are afraid of hidden obligations, which sometimes prevents them from exploring new products.



Your title is one of the main assets which will convince people to click on your content. Therefore, it’s important that you craft a title that sounds interesting. A useful article with a boring title won’t get read.


Visual Content 

Images, graphics, slideshows, and videos are all far easier for visitors to consume than raw text. Not everyone enjoys reading, and putting information into a more visual package is an easy way to invite visitors to check it out


Audio Content 

Less popular than visual, but still more popular than text, is content that primarily delivers information through audio. 


SEO Tags 

Tags, metadata, keywords, meta descriptions; proper use of these elements is critical for drawing in new traffic from search engines. Using SEO tags is what ensures people actually find your post.


Ad Campaigns 

Ad campaigns are like any other piece of content. They have to be  with good targeting  keywords, and catchy headlines. The difference is you’ll have a lot more control over who the content is served to, and a wider potential audience. Ad campaigns can very easily be run on search engines and social media sites, and of course there are other paid advertising vectors you can take


Submit Content to Aggregators 

Digg, Reddit, Hacker News, TechMeme, Blogrunner and many other websites out there exist solely to aggregate and deliver content from other, original sources. Submit your content here to reach a wider audience or another great way to increase your website traffic is to stay subscribed to Arera Technologies Blog, or by connecting with our Marketing team who can help businesses improve brand awareness and drive traffic.

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